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It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Parkside Pilates will be closing it’s doors, due to circumstances beyond our control. We’ve enjoyed spreading the love of Pilates to the Parkside community and beyond since 2005. We hope you continue on with your Pilates journey even though our studio will not be part of it anymore. Blane will be moving up to Portland, OR and Lizz will be moving her clientele and business to her home studio in San Francisco. Officially, our group classes will end on November 30th and Blane’s last working shift will be November 30th. In December, Lizz will continue with her Tuesday and Thursday classes (on a drop in basis only) through Thursday December 14th and her last working shift will be Friday December 15th. Parkside Pilates will be officially closed by end of business day December 15th, 2017. We hope you find the time to stop by and take a few classes or jump in (depending on availability) for a private session before we officially close our doors. Look for us on the web or elsewhere, as we prepare for our next Pilates adventures!



Blane and Lizz



Blane Ashby and Lizz Roman are the co-founders one of San Francisco's most respected Pilates studios located in the Sunset District, Parkside Pilates. Conveniently located right up the street from West Portal Ave. and the "L" line, Parkside Pilates is a fully equipped studio specializing in injury prevention, recovery and fitness. Pilates is an excellent system for knee, back, hip, shoulder and repetitive stress issues. We view the body as a whole to help address postural imbalances, muscle weakness, and joint stability to help clients recover and prevent injuries and to become healthy fit individuals. We also offer morning, afternoon, and evening group class during the week.


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