What People Are Saying about Parkside Pilates



"I arrived at my first drop-in session with Blane, and luckily, there was only one other person in the class. Blane was great, very patient with me, and definitely was very helpful in trying to get my breathing coordinated. The DVDs mentioned breathing, but it was through taking the class with Blane that I realized just how important exhaling first, and inhaling second is. Definitely made the pilates session a lot more intense and I'm glad that it did. Pilates definitely is a tough work out and works your whole body in a slow way. I really appreicate Parkside's use of different apparatuses. We started off with a foam cylinder, then made out way to the spring board. I had no idea that Pilates involved so many different pieces of equipment. Definitely makes it more fun than mat exercises that the DVDs include."



"I have been with Parkside pilates for over a year now. It's a small studio where you get a lot of individual attention. I started doing individual session with Blane and I am now also doing group sessions with Liz. Both are very good, love what they do and really pilates. They make sure you do the positions the right way and challenge you progressively. I feel that I made so much improvement since I joined Parkside. I also love that after more than a year, I am still learning new positions and am still very much challenged! Finally one fitness place I am not flaking on!"



"I am new to Pilates but decided to try Parkside Pilates after seeing the reviews here on Yelp and it's close to my house. I have had 3 one on one sessions w/Ann Beck and I am excited to try the group classes next. Ann is very patient and caring. I'm a convert."



"Blane and his staff are great. They really are really excellent when working with injuries. I am just a beginner but they got me in shape and helped me recover from a back injury at the same time!"



"I am so lucky having this studio near my area. Its a small studio, but tons of attention.I have my session with Blane, who like to to shock us with a new pose. Girls, this place is worth your time."