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blane ashby
Blane has been practicing and studying Pilates since 1998 and was certified through the Ellie Herman Institute in 2002. While the majority of his time is spent teaching at Parkside Pilates he still teaches at Ellie Herman Studios. From 2003 to present has been a Faculty Instructor of the Teacher Training Instructor Program (TTIP) at the Ellie Herman Institute acting as co-head of the program. In 2007, he became a certified Balanced Body Faculty Instructor. Along with one-to-one fitness training he specializes in injury prevention and recovery. Blane has had much success in assisting and creating programs for clients in their post recovery and injury prevention goals.Through out the week Blane teaches quite a few Pilates based group classes. His popular classes promote a non-competitive atmosphere while challenging the student to reach their fullest potential. Focus of the classes include precision, control, stability, core strength, increasing flexibility all the while promoting enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. Pilates can be quite challenging but should be fun too! Blane has been a dancer for the past 20 years and has performed with Company Chaddick, Huckabay/McAllister Dance, EmSpace Dance, Vogt Art Dance, Dance Continuum SF, and 13th Floor Dance Theater. Interested in becoming a Pilates instructor? Email Blane. | What people are saying about Blane.
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Lizz Roman,Owner


lizz roman
Lizz, a professional dancer, was initially introduced to Pilates in 1986 at St. Francis Dance Medicine after fracturing her foot. Then in 1991, Roman sustained a serious back injury. After being told she was a surgery candidate who would need to give up her dance career, Roman decided to again try Pilates at St. Francis where she began a long recovery process. One year later, Roman was able to attend an MFA program in dance, where she became interested in kinesiology and dance injury prevention and rehabilitation. In 1998, Roman was recruited by Ellie to attend her new Pilate's instructor certification program and went on to study with Ellie's then rehab specialist, Jane Edwards. Ms. Edwards, an amazingly talented Pilates rehab trainer with extensive training in neuromuscular reeducation, introduced Roman to the work of Vladimir Janda, MD. Janda is known worldwide for his research linking muscle dysfunction and chronic pain syndromes. Since then, Roman has integrated Janda's program (progressive balance and proprioceptive challenges to improve overall body posture, muscle balance, joint stability and speed of muscle contraction) into her own approach to Pilates rehab. Lizz has had great success with chronic and intransigent injuries. For the past five years she has taught a 12 week rehab intensive for certified Pilates instructors, fitness trainers, yoga and dance teachers as well as a variety of other bodywork and health practitioners at the EHS in San Francisco.


Karen Goldstein,Trainer


Karen Goldstein
Karen was first introduced to Pilates when only 18 years old after developing knee problems while studying ballet in NYC. She was sent to the original Pilates studio run by Romana Kryzanowska, a direct disciple of Joseph Pilates. After returning home to the Bay Area, she continued her ballet training with, as her teacher noticed, "much better alignment". Pilates was not as promenent on the west coast for about 10 years, but later, when Karen continued to have alignment and pain issues from dancing, Pilates had luckily become more available, and so she resumed her Pilates training under the guidance of Jennifer Stacey in San Francisco. She completed her Teacher Training Certification under Ellie Herman and has also studied extensively with Lizz Roman learning rehabilitation techniques based on the principals of Janda. Karen likes to teach Pilates with an emphasis on form and how it applies to functional life movement. She likes to educate her students to have more freedom in movement, strength, and to learn ways to help themselves when their body/pain issues arise so that they can get along with more ease in their everyday lives.